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Match is a product of Eiger Software Inc.




Note 31-5-2014: This website will not be updated anymore), but we continue here: /

On Blogger we offer besides Match (now with version for 2014 FIFA Worldcup Soccer Brazil, also several Excel files.

e.g. an Excel to register your worked hours and which calculates totals per week, month, year (pivot-tables and graphs)

or an Excel with the 2014 year-calendar.


New version: 2010 (5.0), special for FIFA Worldcup Soccer 2010 South Africa , special price: 4.95 euro. For free test-version, see download-link at bottom of page.

See Main-page for screenshot of application.



Match is an information-system (of type: software-package) with which all 'administrative tasks' related to sport-competitions can be done, e.g.:

  • generating a match-schedule
  • calculating the ranking and topscorers-list
  • keeping track of the performances ('marks') of players
  • keeping track of the toto-results (forecast of match-results)
  • generating all kinds of reports and statistics, as can be found in sport-magazines or papers


Match is suited for all 'duel-sports',  so sports in with 2 players (2 teams or 2 individuals) who fight for the victory. Sports for which Match can be used are:

  • Ball-sports (e.g. soccer, hockey, tennis, table tennis, squash, badminton, baseball, handball, basketball, volleyball, waterpolo, cricket, rugby, golf,

American football, billiards (pool, snooker), icehockey, petanque)

  • Combat-sports (e.g. boxing, judo, karate, wrestling, t'aekwondo, kung-fu, kendo, aikido, kick-boxing, Thai-boxing, sumo)
  • 'Game-sports' (e.g. chess, draught)


Examples of competitions for which Match can be used are:

  • Premiere Leage (national soccer competition in UK)
  • FA-cup (cup-soccer-tournament in UK)
  • World-championship soccer
  • Wimbledon (tennis-tournament in UK)


It is possible in Match to keep track of more than 1 competition.  E.g. a sport-club can store in Match the match-results of all the teams of the club. And a soccer-fan can keep track of  both the national competition as the cup-tournament, or the results of all competitions in Europe.


The target-groups for Match are:

  • sport-clubs
  • sport-unions (e.g.. UEFA)
  • sport-media (e.g. sport-magazines, papers etc.)
  • sport(-statistic)-fans (e.g. supporters, toto-players etc.)
  • organisations who have a sport-competition (e.g: schools, companies etc.)


Match uses the database-program Access and the spreadsheet-program Excel.


Specially for FIFA Worldcup Soccer 2010 in South Africa and , Match is extended with a module for making a pool. So with Match it’s possible that you gamble with family, friends or collegues for the results of the matches. For every match points are assigned for the right result (score), the right toto (victory/draw/loss) and for matches in the final-rounds: points for the right forecast of the countries who will play in these rounds. Match generates a match-schedule (Excel-document) in which the participants of the pool can fill in their forecasts, and Match can also process (read) these forms (automatically).

The complete match-schedule for FIFA Worldcup Soccer 2010 is already put in Match, so you only have to fill in the match-results.



There are 2 versions of Match:

  • Demo-version: This version is for free, and is the same as the production-version, only the functions to calculate the rankings of the teams and gamblers are inactive.
  • Production-version: In this version, all functions are active.To get this version, send us an email, with subject: “Buy Match Worldcup 2010”, and when we received your payment, we’ll send you the production-version.


The demo-version (and user-manual,  instruction-video, flyer with screenshots, some examples of documents (reports) produced by Match including the match-schedule of FIFA Worldcup Soccer 2010 in Excel-format) you can find on

our download page.