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Match! is a software-package with which you can track all kind of things related to sport-competitions e.g.: match-results, team-ranking and topscorers-list.

Specially for the Worldcup soccer, Match! has been extended with a gambling-module, so you can organize a WC-pool with it. We already put the complete match-schedule of the WC in Match!, so you can get started quickly.


Match! is a MS-Office based program, something a lot of people are familiar with, so using Match! will be quite easy for you.


If you are interested in Match!, send us an email, and we mail you a free demo-version, which is almost the same as the complete version, only you canít calcutate the rankings of teams and gamblers with it. The complete version costs 9.95 euro.


For more information, visit our website.



We hope to hear from you soon.


Eiger Software